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For WoW Raiding we're currently looking for RDPS (non-mage).

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View the latest post EXT at Gamescom sneakpeak


Soon there will be an stream of articles and clips about GC 2016. But until then here is a sneak peak for you to enjoy ;)

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View the latest post Newsletter 28: Summer Edition

Newsletter #28: Summer Edition
Summer is definitely here and that means people are out and about doing things they usually never would. However, that doesn't mean the gaming world is at a complete standstill and neither is EXT. So let's catch up on what's going on and coming up!

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View the latest post EXT goes Legion!

The time is finally here!
After so many years it's finally here! No, you're not dreaming. Exterminatus is going to set foot in World of Warcraft

We've seen many members play WoW and the question arose "Why not set up a guild for Exterminatus?" After all, what is more fun than playing WoW with your Exterminatus friends? So we went and made it happen!

The guild is established on the server Draenor (PVE) and we are playing as Horde.

As a guild we will participate in all aspects the game has to offer! So that means raiding, arena's, battlegrounds and fun guild events.

Read the full announcement right HERE!

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View the latest post Newsletter #27: Yes you May


Newsletter #27: Yes you May
It's definitely been an exciting month so far with the releases of Uncharted 4 and Doom, and the OB for Overwatch! We still have Homefront The Revolution, Overwatch (release), Total War: Warhammer and the latest ESO DLC Dark Brotherhood incoming before June! Feeling hyped yet? Yes you may!

| TW: Warhammer | EXT Logo | Rigged for Epic | Gamescom 2016 |

Read the full Newsletter HERE!

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Concerns from Titanfall 2 beta players are leading to these changes. https://t.co/EyUdu1WMGX https://t.co/bNEJGW66yk
RT: @gamespot28h ago
So what are you doing to prevent yourself from #melting in this weather? ~A #nakedgamingftw
@ExterminatusGC46h ago
Going by the latest clues, we might have a new Overwatch character in about 8 hours... https://t.co/xZOT1Y4oaf https://t.co/7KegdlFU9P
RT: @IGN50h ago
Here's what South Park's Fractured But Whole smells like. Wait, what? https://t.co/cPxZyxiCke https://t.co/mFIkp1Ruz1
RT: @IGN3d ago
Watch the sneak peak of our EXT #gamescom2016 video! https://t.co/fC6gtc9kKS
@ExterminatusGC3d ago
#gamescom2016 has come to an end! Time to give our members an opportunity to win some loot! (https://t.co/zfeIny3YDH) ~A
@ExterminatusGC4d ago
That's 3 days of #gamescom2016 over and done with! Time to prep the last meal before we all return to our natural habitats. ~A
@ExterminatusGC5d ago
Vorian got back from the #gamescom2016 #StarCitizen event. Show was awesome! Shame the security/staff wasn't customer friendly though :(
@ExterminatusGC6d ago
We played #SeaOfThieves today at #gamescom2016 Pretty awesome and great, enthusiastic guys at that booth! Check it out! ~A
@ExterminatusGC6d ago
Stream over, everything we know about World of Warcraft patch 7.1, right here: https://t.co/F6FNEl5a5y https://t.co/bt0wUALKQN
RT: @PCGamesN8d ago


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