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View the latest post Oni talks: XMage!


Today I am presenting you with a Magic the Gathering simulator, no not Duels of the Planeswalkers series, rather a full game which lets you play MtG nearly without any restrictions in cards (other than banned and restricted cards depending on format like Legacy or Modern or having more than 4 of non-basic land), allows Drafting using nearly all released sets and lastly.... IT IS FREE.

Read the full Article right HERE!

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View the latest post ESO: Few-- *Several more days!


So that's it folk, say goodbye to the game as you know it and get ready to rebuild your characters! Based on the Road Ahead we can expect the 1.6 Patch to drop during the upcoming week!
That's it for this month's Road Ahead – with 1.6 going live in February, Tamriel Unlimited launch in March, and console launch in early June, it's going to be a very fun late-winter and early-spring in Tamriel!

To give everyone a chance to download it and to get used to the new features, there will be no Trials on Tuesday the 24th. We will, however continue Trial runs on Thursday the 27th of February so be sure to sign-up once the thread goes live!

Want to go over all the changes beforehand? Then check out this News Post!
For those who are returning to ESO, please PM either Caracarn or Alleviant on the website and they'll make sure you're re-invited.

Patch 1.6. is postponed. Check the comments for more information!

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View the latest post Alle talks: Stranded Deep


With plentiful real life commitments and the unavoidable stress that comes along with them I found myself looking for a game that would give me some peace and quiet. What better choice than a survival simulator that takes place on a desolate island in an ocean unknown. I was ready and only had to remember one thing: ‘Don’t worry Wilson, I’ll do the paddling. You just hang on.’

Read the full Article right HERE!

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View the latest post Re-Cap that ♥♥♥♥!


It's been a while since the last news post and with all the various topics flying around it's time to shove a little re-cap in your faces! Would you like some cherry pie?

The Elder Scrolls Online - We're waiting. That pretty much covers it?.. With BoP going live in a month's time most of us only have The Road Ahead to munch on. Meanwhile, don't forget to sign up for Trials and our special PvP Event! Congratulations to our new, shiny Corporals: Batman and Levona!

Star Wars The Old Republic - Project Nebulous meets Empire of Tweakers for a joint 16-man Ravagers run, nicely recapped by Lanae. Curious to know what will happen in 2015? Then check out this summary by ClikC (colourful commentary included). Don't forget to sign up for operations!

More, more, more! - Stay up to date on Star Citizen by following the NewsFeed regularly updated by Vorian and Voodoo!
We've had several members try their luck in the PvP game Nosgoth. The game is F2P and available on Steam. Come join the slaughter!
If you'd like to throw in some zombies into the mix, then check out H1Z1! 'DayZ with people shooting each other with crossbows' is Voodoo's description and you can find his thread right here.

In other News... - Lay-offs at Daybreak have not gone unnoticed! Only 2 days left for the amazingly funded kickstarter Exploding Kittens. Topbuzz finally got his Baron! Elesmod lures the community into horror with Blood is Red!

And of course, a big welcome to all our new recruits!

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View the latest post You want new Velcro, don't you?

In our last post we already talked about all the upcoming changes. Let's take a look at what's upcoming!

What will you be playing after 1.6 becomes live? Will you stick to what you know or throw everything around? Maybe you'll be one of the few attempting to take on a multi-role. Whichever you got planned, let us know by casting your vote in the Role Call.

Also, for all you PvP-ers out there and really anyone who enjoys a good laugh HEAR HEAR!
On the 20th of February we'll be hosting the biggest Cyrodiil Race of your lives! Two teams will battle it out on the blood spattered fields while slaughtering their enemies. Check out THIS THREAD for more information and don't forget to sign up!

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@Nosgoth : Vanguard Class Now Available - http://t.co/P80rBiwiWp
RT: @OnRPG3h ago
Nvidia announces Pro/Am Hearthstone Tournament with $25k prize pool http://t.co/ZhgToSBT11
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Watch #ESO Live this Friday at 4:00PM EST! Giveaways, dev interviews, and more: http://t.co/iystUtnrKt
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Oni talks XMage! https://t.co/0j19B3oziM #XMage
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So, no patch yet for #ESO? (http://t.co/oCHzh1obqL) and Zos_MichelleA's reply (http://t.co/1ooNDExWUm) #nopatch??
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ICYMI - @croberts68 released the latest Letter from the Chairman about the status of #starcitizen. READ: http://t.co/U01F6OJkyE
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Wings is coming as a free update to Elite: Dangerous in March - see the latest dev update - http://t.co/iunCrZLRpq http://t.co/E5X8mYIvLG
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ESO patch 1.6 will go live next week! Are you ready for it? Or do you fear the upcoming changes? #ESO
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Alle talks Stranded Deep (http://t.co/cDye7zWxdY)! #StrandedDeep @BEAMTeamGames
@ExterminatusGC6d ago
Did your brain explode over the Patch Notes yet? #ESO
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