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Media Officer
Unfortunate for them, the Star Citizen team had to endure a big blow when one of their key members was reassigned to a new position. Now part of the Community Staff, Vorian has accepted the position of Media Officer.
In today's time podcasts, videos and other media-wide communication are playing a larger and larger role in the gaming world. EXT is no exception, but it has taken us a good while to find the right person, crazy enough to manage this and actually have several plans up his sleeves! We're thankful we found him!

Over the last few months Vorian has done a great job launching the Star Citizen News Service, keeping you up to date as members and sharing the love he has for the game. He's been a fantastic asset, forming the foundation for the Star Citizen EXT Division and his skills and aspirations haven't gone unnoticed. A big thank-you goes out to him for all his hard work! We cannot wait to see what he has in store for us! Congratulations!

Vorian can already be found @ExterminatusGC Twitter

EXT welcomes you for a Tryout!
Choosing a Guild to share and expand your gaming experience with is probably one of the toughest choices a gamer has to the make. It's usually the same list of awesome promises you encounter followed up by an application process. To make this decision a bit easier for you as a visitor or someone interested in Exterminatus in one game or another, we've decided to launch tryouts. Instead of having to apply right off the bat we invite you to join us in game as a Recruit and experience firsthand whether or not we are the the guild and/or gaming community you're looking for!

So, if you are interested in testing out an EXT Guild then simply contact one of our members or officers in game and they'll point you in the right direction.

Unsure how to make that happen? Then leave a message on our Guest Board for more information!

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View the latest post Member Spotlight: Alex

Welcome to the EXT Member Spotlight!
Join us on this small trip into a gamer's life to get to know them a little bit better!
Check here for our previous spotlights!

It's been a long time since we've had another spotlight. For this one I've decided to choose a rather prominent figure on our forums who slowly but steadily has evolved into a solid, indie-game reviewer and Smite veteran.

Nickname: Alex
Guild Position: Veteran
ImageApplication: Special

1) We know you as Alex, but who are you in real life?
I am generally a very private person who doesn't share many personal details of my life, but here goes. My real name is Joost, and I am a 26 years old man from Holland. I've got a masters degree in environmental science and unfortunately am looking for a job currently. I am someone who wants to make a difference with his life, even if it is small. This is one of the reasons why I picked this study direction to gain more insight in how our society can become more sustainable while still allowing for development. I am also greatly concerned with the lack of progress the developed western countries are making which is a result of the short term focus of our society.
I also listen to a lot of music (currently Radiohead, Muse and a large diversity of alternative music on spotify) and I enjoy to go running (about 10km a week) and mountain biking (yes, you can do that in our flat country). I am also a real cat person (got 4 O.o)

Read more of the interview right HERE

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There's no doubt about it; school, work and other commitments have returned now that the holidays are over. Some of our members might have a bit less gaming time now, but let's take a look at where they're investing those minutes!

The Elder Scrolls Online With the Mistress off for a lengthy afk, our dear PvE Leader U Face has agreed to take over the Guild Leader reigns for the time being! Members can read more about it in the latest ESO Update. In other news, with the release of the Imperial City DLC, PvP activity is thriving within the guild. Don't forget to leave your comment in the Campaign Discussion! Meanwhile, don't forget to sign-up for any events that may interest you.

Wildstar Those who used to play Wildstar or were interested before might want to give it ago now that it Reloaded and is F2P! Those who are interested in playing with fellow members, don't forget to check out the following Join Us! thread.

Don't Starve Together Over the last weeks a small group of our members have been Attempting not to starve together. So far they seemed to have been enjoying their play sessions and welcome those who would like to join!

In other Gaming News.... a fellow named Smart decides to sue CIG (Star Citizen), Clencher shows us the center of the galaxy in Elite, Lyncis continues to charm us with his blade and soul, Alex smites us all 'til we steam and throws in one of his grande mini-reviews (Apotheon) in the process, and Rigged for Epic charms you with one for The Phantom Pain.

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Thought you've seen enough survival games for the moment? Then imagine logging onto TS and hearing one of your fellow members acusing another of cleaning out the chicken shit. Yep, welcome to Life is Feudal! Do take a moment to read up on Fyxen's introduction to the game!
It is a survival game based in the good old days when you used swords and bows. This game is all stripped of magic, wich is quite good in my opinion. You start naked (or as close to naked as possible) some random place, and you have to build yourself up by getting some primitive tools, then grow stronger and stronger.

Read the full article HERE!

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It's time to restart the ESO EVENT SCHEDULE!

It has been a slow summer, and especially PvE in Elder Scrolls Online has been lacking in participants. We had a summer schedule of one PvE per week, but now that it's getting past mid-August, we're going to go back to having 5 organized events a week - 3 x PvE and 2 x PvP.

Trust me when I say that we have a lot of fun planned for you guys, so don't hesitate and go sign up! We will start on Monday with some dungeon runs (I recommend stacking gold keys for the upcoming IC!)!
Tuesday will be Trials: running through AA and Hel Ra (normal modes), led by your Mistress, don't want to miss out on that!
Thursday we'll do hard mode Trials, if you behave well, Uface might even take you into Sanctum...
Wednesday and Friday are PvP nights, on Wednesday we'll go on the non-veteran campaign, so if you want a taste of PvP while leveling, here is your chance! Make sure to join the fight and show your honor for the pact!

So go on and sign up! We have only a little time before everything changes again (yay Imperial City!) so now is a great time to go through older content to level up and get those achievements out of the way!

P.S. If anyone wants to go fishing just pm Lefty in game <3

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Been a week since the LiS finale. Haven't played the game and want a non-spoiler overview? Check https://t.co/b3869XKf8B! #LifeisStrange
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