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View the latest post Drop the bomb!

ImageLadies and gentlement, it's another great day in the Exterminatus Gaming Community. Most of us have been busy playing games over the last week and we like to welcome all our new recruits! Let's head for the recap!

Image Those who are keeping up with Wildstar likely saw their performance at Pax East that gained a lot of positive feedback. And if that doesn't convince you then read it and weep because Wildstar has gone GOLD!. Also, don't forget to take a look at the lengthy patchnotes in case you were wondering if the Devs really listen to you.

ImageOur week in ESO kicked off with a PvP Event on our now chosen Home Campaign Chrysamere. It was a great run with an EPIC keep defense! Be sure to look at Dragnarr's Stream for all the highlights and these screenshots provided by Richard Rubright. Our PvE nights are also going very well with at least one group set up for each tier. So we're definitely getting the job done and it's good to see everyone enjoying themselves! Also, congratulations to those who are now promoted to members!

Further notes for our members:
  • We now have a PvP Charter this also functions as a Guide so please make sure to read it.
  • We have added a Trading Forum.
  • All Crafters are encouraged to refer to the following topic for the Crafting Spreadsheet.
  • Wednesday nights ESO PvP begins topic

Image Our Hearthstone Cup is also reaching its climax. Once again Shroock has made it to the finals! Who will be his competitor? Robustica or ExOrienteLux? Stay tuned to find out! You can find the full tournament sheet right here.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with the Exterminatus Gaming Community.

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View the latest post Whoohooo

ImageAfter last night it's no wonder ESO is taking up the larger part of our frontpage!
Our PvP Skyshard Hunt on Sunday was a great success. Nearly 60 members participated and we managed to collect around 30 Skyshards (an equivalent of 10 skill points).

The fun didn't just end there because we also managed to take two keeps and an Elder Scroll. It's been great and we're definitely looking forward to doing more Exterminatus PvP in the future!

Missed the event? Then check out this Screenshot Thread, and if you really want to relive it then Dragnarr's Stream is at your service!

We'd like all members to read the Guild Trading Charter and stick to it. We are monitoring the use of the Guild Store closely and will take action towards any member found abusing it. So, please make sure you understand the Charter so we can avoid that.

Also, make sure you're up to date on PvE Events and their content!

ImageFirst, I'd like to kick of these promotion section with our ESO PvP Officer. Those who have attended events in the past know that Zamalek has done a great job organising and leading these. He is now officially promoted to ESO PvP Officer.

Apart from that we've also promoted our First Batch of ESO recruits. You can read the announcement here.

And the same goes to Wildstar recruits right over here.

Congratulations everyone! We'll be doing more reviews in the future!

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View the latest post Spring-spring

ImageSummer time has officially arrived and in some countries Spring is making its first appearance. So let's take a look at what topics are blooming on the Exterminatus front!

A big welcome to all our new recruits! Which are really, really too many to name here but we're very glad to have you all onboard!

Image With the early access in place the administrative front has definitely been busy inviting everyone into the guild. However, it's great to see so many members in game already (and more to come)! For those interested in add-ons you should definitely take a look at this thread. Also don't forget to support Dragnarr's Stream. He'll be captivating our most glorious moments!

Last but not least, take a look at our ESO Trading Charter.

ImageWildstar only has two more months to go before our members can dig in! Lucky for them they were given an extra beta weekend. Also, don't forget that the next beta takes place April 4-6. You don't want to miss out on the Mystery Box. How long will it take you to get to 50 and beyond? Join our discussion!

ImageFor all you Exterminatus Hearthstone players, it's time to go Hardcore! Akenatoth is organsing the second Exterminatus Hearthstone Cup. Think you got what it takes to tip Shroock off his throne? Then sign-up and join the party!

Other threads that may interest you: Tamriel Map Art - Left-Handed - Astro A50 Review

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with the Exterminatus Gaming Community.

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View the latest post One more night..

ImageThe majority of our members are only a one-night's-sleep away from (finally) playing ESO. Lucky for them summer time is going to set in as well so that's a one hour deduction to the waiting time!

Sunday the 30th of March, 12PM UK time is when the journey begins!
Our members are advised to take a look at our ESO First Days FAQ to make sure they're up to date. We look forward to meeting everyone in Tamriel!

And, by special request from Dragnarr I'd like to share this song and video by Miracle of Sound with you. It may make the wait less painful (or more?).

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@WildStar another awesome weekend, Wildstar is shaping up to be the best MMO we've ever played and then some. Roll on June! :)
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Our PvP Skyshard hunt was a great success! Snatching an Elder Scroll in the process wasn't bad either ;) http://t.co/Idz2gpsBfn #ESO
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