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View the latest post ESO News: Thieves Guild is Coming!


Time for the first news-splash of the year! And we have quite the thing coming for you... New content, major changes in guild PvP, fun events, you name it!

Read the rest of the article HERE!

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Camelot Unchained Factions and Classes

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The Faction and playable Classes details for Camelot Unchained! are now here! With beta coming soon™ and a new website let’s take a look at the details and discuss what you/we want to play. Click HERE for details.

Don’t know what ‘Camelot Unchained’ is! Well just watch this short vid and see. (Note:- video is very early alpha)
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Interested in joining the community in ‘Camelot unchained’?? Sign up here and let us know. Thx.

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View the latest post Veteran Promotions!

Veteran Promotions!
In case you ever thought we don't keep an eye on our members; you are wrong. You are not safe. You are not invisible. We know who you are...

Based on the above we're proud to announce a round of Veteran promotions!
These are the members that have been with us for over a year and have shown great loyalty to Exterminatus:

Antaris, Shroock, Dragnarr, BlackBear, Onimalkav, Snurrrebassen, Ruphon, Detolol, Clencher, Holypurk, Mesmir, Enthropy, Pappa, Stickleback, Nimlok, Nimir, FluffyCannibal, Roder, Sylphanos, Jlena, Methics, Pieten and Tricky!

Congratulations, all of you! We hope you'll be sticking around for years to come!

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View the latest post Newsletter #23: MOAR!

Newsletter #23: You want MOAR?
We asked, you delivered!
In one of our latest polls we asked you what you want us to invest in this year. Get ready because we aren't wasting any time!

Blade & Soul
For over two years our dear member Lyncis has been trying to promote this game. Unfortunately it wasn't 'til recently that the choo-choo hype train finally passed through EXT land. At ridiculous speed we might add.

Youtube: Blade and Soul Gameplay Trailer Hide Show Hover to view

Read the full Newsletter HERE!

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View the latest post EXT Playdate

EXT Playdate

Lots of members, Lots of games!


We are all here because we enjoy playing games with other people; there are lots of games that lets us do that!
Let's dig up all those great games that you play with friends and play them with Exterminatus.

Youtube: Blowing up tanks in Battlefield 4 Hide Show Hover to view

Youtube: Whacking zombies with frying pans in Left4Dead 2 Hide Show Hover to view

Youtube: Surviving the winter in Dont Starve Hide Show Hover to view

Every Thursday evening we invite you to play a game with Exterminatus at 20h00 CET. Please choose the first game that you would like to play in the poll and we will set up an event following the results of the poll.

Close voting, but we will start out with Battlefield 4!
Did your game not win? join us anyway and get some people for your game!

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First details on The Division's post-release plans, expansions, and free content >> https://t.co/6bArtBRq4C https://t.co/GQg0sHyEoh
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Join us in less than an hour for our Weekly Livestream! https://t.co/NNq7sUhDSF https://t.co/3tFj1QMTUQ
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Your chance at a custom Fallout 4 PC — courtesy of @NVIDIAGeForce !! https://t.co/hMaICMRDpz
RT: @Fallout13d ago
Her Story 2 is in the works and it's a spiritual successor to the first game https://t.co/yDqsCdPX2G https://t.co/ohffEFfJNR
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Snowed in? Stay warm & catch up on the #ESO #ThievesGuild first look! https://t.co/KjzwlYEOlX #blizzard2016 https://t.co/FhJYckTeGB
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New EXT Play Date coming up this Thursday (21/1) at 8PM CET. Get ready to try Not to Starve! #DontStarveTogether
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#BladeandSoul headstart is underway! You got through Character Creation yet? EXT is at Windrest! ~A
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We got an upcoming EXT-originated-Marriage to celebrate! https://t.co/AvynUv6PtC #extlove #gamerslove Gz to Lanae and Fluffy! ~A
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Overkill is best done with friends. Join our lets play night thursdays at 20.00 CET Vote on your favorite game: https://t.co/6jy38QpLCp
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Tracks everyone should play while #gaming https://t.co/gQgcB2bHIQ Dum du Du DUM du du DUM!.... ~A
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