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View the latest post EXT plays Star Citizen


So what happens when you put three EXT-members in Star Citizen Arena Commander?
Of course: they do weird ♥♥♥♥ and make it their mission to frak each other!

You can watch the full video RIGHT HERE!
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Check out the associated thread HERE

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View the latest post Casual Gaming Night Begins!


If there's a good way to kick off the Weekend it has to be killing your fellow community members (and maybe working together with a few of them)! Prepare yourselves because... Casual Gaming Night is here!!!

Friday 20th of March, 7PM GMT/8PM CET!

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View the latest post The ESO Team grows!


Tamriel Unlimited is now LIVE and that means that as a Guild we're going through a second launch! In order to make sure that we're ready for the days, weeks, months and maybe even years to come, we've expanded our staff a bit and made some interesting changes...

In order to ensure that PvP will be thriving in the future, we've added a few PvP enthusiasts to the team. Not only do they know their ♥♥♥♥, but they also have some thrilling ideas for guild events. Please congratulate Blazemaster, BatmanNZ and Snaake for making the ESO PvP Team!

When it comes to PvE, we'll be organizing another event day on Monday's that is NOT focused on Trials. This is to allow all our members, whichever rank to get together on a more frequent basis. To help out with this additional task, trial organization and everything else PvE, U Face has joined the ESO PvE Team!

Now, for anyone who thinks Lefty won't have anything to do anymore, I am happy to announce that she has agreed to take on the position of Guild Leader for the ESO Division. I, Alleviant can now focus solely on my tasks as the Community Leader while staying on as a general Officer in ESO. I have full confidence that Lefty will be able to lead the guild into another great ESO year. She has a great team and a cracking group of members who've made ESO an awesome Exterminatus experience so far!

I'd like to thank everyone who helped me during my term as the Guild Leader of the ESO Division. It's not always been an easy job, but you guys always ensured I remained motivated and made time to enjoy the game with you! I'll still be around as an officer and I hope all of you will continue to support me as the Exterminatus Community Leader.

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View the latest post EXT Report


The Exterminatus 2015 Community Meeting was a great success. Not only did we discuss games we are currently playing such as The Elder Scrolls Online and StarWars The Old Republic, but it also paved the way to talk about the games we'll be sporting in the future: Camelot Unchained, Star Citizen and Eternal Crusade. Now it's time to focus on the here & now: what are our members currently playing?

The Elder Scrolls Online - The latest patch has given players a lot to (re)think about and based on our last Trial runs we can ensure that content difficulty has been upped a notch. Based on your experience so far, what are your plans for the future?

Don't forget, Tamriel Unlimited will go LIVE on March 17th. This means that you will be able to play the game without a subscription. You only have to purchase it! We're looking forward to seeing many of you return to ESO or venture into it for the very first time!

Other Games - We understand that quite a few of you may not be interested in ESO. However, there are other opportunities to play with fellow members. Several members have shown interest in Skyforge and are currently participating in the first BETA. We have a Teamspeak channel set up for you guys so be sure to use it in your quest to become a God!

If you're more into wrecking cities in GTA Online then don't forget to do so together by joining the Exterminatus Crew! That's not the online Console team that's currently active. Check out Helldivers where members are kindly wrecking each other.

More interested/attached to your PC? Then maybe it's time for you to cast your vote in the Casual Gaming Night Poll brought to you by Dragnarr who's looking to get everyone together for some good 'ole fun!

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View the latest post Alex Reviews: Castle in the Darkness


Castle in the Darkness is a sidescrolling metroid-vania style action platformer inspired by NES/SNES classics. Similair to the other game published by Nicalis, 1001 Spikes, Castle in the Darkness features old-school gameplay and difficulty. The game has a very simple charm to it that transcends words. Movement and attacking are quick and fluid. Enemies are nicely varied and fighting them is engaging. The game successfully takes you back to the good old times for a modest release price of 6 euro!

Read the full Review right HERE!

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Check out Alex' latest review on Castle in the Darkness #castleinthedarkness by #nicalisinc (https://t.co/9Wrft1wWBb) and go back to (S)NES!
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Should we call 1.6 the confusion patch? So many new buttons, so many things to change! #ESO What's your opinion?
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Founder's Packs now available! Earn exclusive rewards and gain access to the Closed Beta! http://t.co/Elgl8upDQb http://t.co/9D5u7xH4WL
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Novelist Linda Pirtle showcases The God Decrees by Mark E. Cooper on Venture Galleries. http://t.co/poH3ZUPTXk @mark_e_cooper @LindaPirtle1
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@Nosgoth : Vanguard Class Now Available - http://t.co/P80rBiwiWp
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Nvidia announces Pro/Am Hearthstone Tournament with $25k prize pool http://t.co/ZhgToSBT11
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Watch #ESO Live this Friday at 4:00PM EST! Giveaways, dev interviews, and more: http://t.co/iystUtnrKt
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Oni talks XMage! https://t.co/0j19B3oziM #XMage
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So, no patch yet for #ESO? (http://t.co/oCHzh1obqL) and Zos_MichelleA's reply (http://t.co/1ooNDExWUm) #nopatch??
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ICYMI - @croberts68 released the latest Letter from the Chairman about the status of #starcitizen. READ: http://t.co/U01F6OJkyE
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