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View the latest post Geno talks GTA Online


I've been looking for a special game for a while now, one that does that something special consistently. Games like Team Fortress 2 or Unreal Tournament.. You know that feeling when you're with your friends, something epic happens, everyone on TS is laughing and feeling exhilarated. It can happen in most games but it's often rare. The game I've been looking for makes these events a common thing, just you and your friends an absolute blast, forming good memories that will stick with you the rest of your life.

GTA 5 is set on the Island of Los Santos and as anyone who's played the single player game will attest to, is massive and absolutely crammed with life. It's the most realistically detailed open world I've ever seen, if you want to read anymore on the single player side of things just check out my review or the many others out there. Bottom line, it's one of the best games ever made so there that to enjoy before you even consider the online side which is free and what I'm talking about here.

To read the main article click HERE!

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View the latest post ESO News


Now that the after-effects of the Snake Sherry are starting to diminish, it is time to bring you the updates on what has been going on in the ESO front of Exterminatus.

The council has held a meeting in order to plan new ways to utilize the souls you have kindly given to our care. We have a team working hard to keep the community active and the game interesting for all of you. While some of the torture mechanics we created are still held secret due to patenting issues, there are some things all of you should know.

Read the rest of the post HERE!

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View the latest post EXT Report

A big welcome to all our new recruits. There's plenty of you guys and I hope you'll have a great time with Exterminatus! Here's some midweek news bulletins for you to chew on.

Teamspeak- Here's a quick reminder that our TS3 is not a scary place to venture. It's a great way to get to know your fellow members and to set up groups. So be sure not to miss out and add the EXT TS Details to your bookmarks.

GTA V - For those who haven't caught on we have numerous members playing GTA V at the moment. Join up in the TS channel or check the forums to set up some dates for the Online content. Also, don't forget to share your awesome moments like a sky dive!

ESO - The soldiers of ESO will be attempting the Hel Ra Citadel Hard-mode during Thursday's Trial run. If you sign up don't forget to check the tactics! Also, another Valkyn Skoria/CoA event is organised for this Saturday. Don't forget to bring your axe for tonight's PvP!

In other News... - Alex is happy to announce that Broken Age: Act 2 is out! Members started discussing Star Wars: Battlefront, and Oni keeps us updated on Skyforge!

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View the latest post SC Events Begin!


If you backed Star Citizen and have a ship waiting for you in a dusty hangar, then it's time to whip out some cloth and sponges! The UEE calls upon all Exterminatus rookies to report for training!

Starting this Thursday at 7PM GMT/8PM CET, the SC crew is bringing you a weekly event!

Check out the full thread HERE! and Sign Up!

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View the latest post ESO News


It is time for another small ESO News splash, there's a lot of interesting stuff going on - you know you should be reading this, so go ahead, do your duty!

If after beta you've wondered whether or not you should come back to the lively land of Tamriel, now is a good chance to do that with the Welcome Back weekend! There has definitely been plenty of changes during the past couple of months, and now Zenimax invites ESO beta participants to play for FREE during this weekend, starting on Thursday the 16th!

You can find information about the event on the official website over here!

On another note, I would like to again welcome all of our new recruits! Your souls are only moments away from being ours for eternity, thank you for that!

Also, congratulations to the recruits that got promoted to the member status, it's too late to run now!

And a reminder, if you haven't read the latest Epistola Dominae yet.. Go do it!

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@Gen3ralD yep we have several guys playing it.
@ExterminatusGC25h ago
Shroock reviews: Legend of Grimrock 2! Check it out: https://t.co/eKeyALorvK #legendofgrimrock #almosthumanltd @AlmostHumanLtd
@ExterminatusGC54d ago
We have opened the doors for Star Citizen recruitment! Check out https://t.co/Yyl2G7bWfH and exterminatus.eu for more info! #starcitizen
@ExterminatusGC55d ago
Bought @OriBlindForest earlier, instantly hooked and been playing all day. What an amazing game! #zelda #mario #metroid // @ExterminatusGC
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Check out Alex' latest review on Castle in the Darkness #castleinthedarkness by #nicalisinc (https://t.co/9Wrft1wWBb) and go back to (S)NES!
@ExterminatusGC0y ago
Should we call 1.6 the confusion patch? So many new buttons, so many things to change! #ESO What's your opinion?
@ExterminatusGC0y ago
Founder's Packs now available! Earn exclusive rewards and gain access to the Closed Beta! http://t.co/Elgl8upDQb http://t.co/9D5u7xH4WL
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Novelist Linda Pirtle showcases The God Decrees by Mark E. Cooper on Venture Galleries. http://t.co/poH3ZUPTXk @mark_e_cooper @LindaPirtle1
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@Nosgoth : Vanguard Class Now Available - http://t.co/P80rBiwiWp
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Nvidia announces Pro/Am Hearthstone Tournament with $25k prize pool http://t.co/ZhgToSBT11
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