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View the latest post EXT goes Legion!

The time is finally here!
After so many years it's finally here! No, you're not dreaming. Exterminatus is going to set foot in World of Warcraft

We've seen many members play WoW and the question arose "Why not set up a guild for Exterminatus?" After all, what is more fun than playing WoW with your Exterminatus friends? So we went and made it happen!

The guild is established on the server Draenor (PVE) and we are playing as Horde.

As a guild we will participate in all aspects the game has to offer! So that means raiding, arena's, battlegrounds and fun guild events.

Read the full announcement right HERE!

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View the latest post Newsletter #27: Yes you May


Newsletter #27: Yes you May
It's definitely been an exciting month so far with the releases of Uncharted 4 and Doom, and the OB for Overwatch! We still have Homefront The Revolution, Overwatch (release), Total War: Warhammer and the latest ESO DLC Dark Brotherhood incoming before June! Feeling hyped yet? Yes you may!

| TW: Warhammer | EXT Logo | Rigged for Epic | Gamescom 2016 |

Read the full Newsletter HERE!

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View the latest post ESO: Time for an Update!

It's time for a little update on life for the Pact in Tamriel. Let's see what our EXT ESO Division has been up to!

A period of thievery has touched all our lives! Nice quest line and some fun with some new skills plus 5 motifs to collect for the achievement hunters among us. The DLC also added a new trial; The Maw of Lorkhaj. In a new spin there are two levels – normal, which is fun and accessible to all and veteran which is fun and definitely not accessible to all!! The MoL Group has battled with the trial and I am happy to say has defeated the first boss on a couple of occasions.
Youtube: Zhajhassa defeated Hide Show Hover to view

The second boss is a pair; requires much coordinated movement by two groups with two tanks swapping bosses. That is a challenge that we will enjoy for a while to come!

Read the full article right HERE!

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View the latest post Your Onlywatch ends NOW!

Youtube: Open Beta is here Hide Show Hover to view

The Overwatch Free for All Open Beta will take place May 5th - 9th.
The Pre-order beta will begin May 3rd - 4th

That's right, the open beta is completely free so if you're unsure whether or not to buy the game here's your chance to make up your mind! (We'll pretend you forgot it will be played by a bunch of awesome people). Don't forget to sign up for the EXT Open Beta Tournament!

EXT will be playing this game head on. We're aiming for competitive gameplay and have an officer team ready to fuel that fire. Don't miss out!

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View the latest post Newsletter #26: Puns and Updates


Newsletter #26: Puns & Updates
Did you manage to survive EXT's mirrored names day on April fools? Let's take a look at everything else that went on this month and what's coming!

One of the biggest highlights this month was EXT's two-year anniversary in The Elder Scrolls Online. We're still here, we're still kicking ass and we're still having fun!
There's definitely also a few other tidbits that are worth your attention: new mechanics were added to the Star Citizen Alpha, Camelot Unchained is ready to (finally) drop some more info, and we're closing in on Overwatch, EXT's 2016 poll winner.

Read the full newsletter HERE!

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