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View the latest post Overwatch Halloween Event - BEST ... EVENT ... EVER

Heroes Beware! Overwatch Halloween Terror Begins Today…And It's Time for a Scare!

The fright for the future has begun, heroes, and for the next three weeks, we’re celebrating the spookiest time of the year in true Overwatch fashion—with a brand new seasonal event! Explore the haunted streets of Hollywood, expand your collection of themed holiday items, and relive a chilling tale in our first-ever PvE brawl: Junkenstein's Revenge!
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Read the full post HERE!

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View the latest post ESO: Update 12!

ESO - Update 12 and Happy Birthday ECG
Wednesday 5 October sees ESO get Update 12. Many many exciting new achievements to be had!! Don't really need much more than that. But for those who play for things other than achievements we have:

Duelling!! 1v1 can start a duel anywhere against anyone...Exterminatus drunken pub duels beckon I think. (achievement for 100 wins...)
Weapon ultimates: see below
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Click HERE to read more!

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View the latest post EXT WoW clears Emerald Nightmare!

The Emerald Dream is now free of her corruption!

We can proudly say that we have cleared the Emerald Nightmare in normal mode during the first week. Next we are going to focus on clearing it on heroic, but must first farm the normal raid in order to gear people up for the trip to heroic.


With the release of mythic+ dungeons, a more challenging and rewarding mode to tackle dungeons, some guildies have been trying to clear these at the highest possible levels. Some have been cleared and we're still working on looting the rest.

For the Horde! We're planning PvP nights and are going to kick some Alliance butt! Feel free to sign up and come and join in on the PvP fun.

If this sounds exciting and you feel the urge to start playing World of Warcraft, the door is always open!

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View the latest post Member Spotlight: Lefty

Welcome to the EXT Member Spotlight!
Join us on this small trip into a gamer's life to get to know them a little bit better!
Check here for our previous spotlights!
This edition: When her tongue isn't flapping in the wind what makes the Mistress tick? Let us find out!


Nickname: Lefty
Guild Position: Officer
Application: post79790.html#p79790

For those who may not know you that well tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a 26 year old slacker from Finland. I work as an event coordinator for a big congress/event venue. I also have some possibly unattainable wishes of trying to simultaneously finish my studies in the university (environmental sciences, fish biology). In addition to this I also work as a freelance gaming journalist, mostly writing reviews. If I had any free time after that I would probably use it for more gaming, hiking, fishing and other weird activities that I can now only dream of.

Tell the community something about yourself that nobody knows.

I’m not sure I really have that sort of secrets, there’s always someone that knows… But some less known information for the community? Hmm..

I’m in a movie. There’s a movie/documentary about punk music in Finland and filmed part of it at a festival that I was attending. Was several years ago but it’s my almost secret moment of fame. :D I don’t usually boast about it but recently one of my co-workers actually came to ask me about it (I hadn’t told her) so I guess regardless of my then rainbow-coloured hair and teenage attitude I was still recognizable.

Read the rest of the interview here:

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View the latest post The Final Gamescom post!

And there it is! The full EXT Gamescom Adventure video!
Credit for taking a million pictures, thousands of videos and actually going through them to build this video goes to Vorian!

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If this doesn't make you interested to join us next year then....

Maybe you should read the story of How Vorian lost his Virginty...

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Nintendo Switch Announcement Impressions https://t.co/LNSkJg7fdQ https://t.co/QYTkBVn86w
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EXT has moved to #Discord. Members check the website for more info! :) ~A
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You can play Star Citizen for free for the next ten days https://t.co/LRIHZ8NzqI https://t.co/WZ0Ih5hA9M
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Battlefield 1 release date & time, for all editions, in several time zones #Battlefield1 https://t.co/SZB6toxbBG https://t.co/sIneHAx9hE
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Blizzard is playing with 'significant hero changes' on the Overwatch PTR. https://t.co/6oq8v112K9 https://t.co/reegpNYTxY
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Nokia is testing insanely fast internet speeds in South Korea. https://t.co/hzb89HVqQh https://t.co/BqLuQxgvIR
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TMW you kind of stop caring about your #Overwatch rating and accept you're in #platinumdiamond purgatory. ~A
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Rockstar teases Red Dead reveal: https://t.co/nfHiK1dxWM https://t.co/cqqsVUrhLr
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Yes, you can play as a pigeon in Battlefield 1 https://t.co/JSqfZDZiBQ https://t.co/ViuSdE35Qz
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@Bladeocity_ Agreed. I'd be fine with a penalty for the next match, but double hurt due to something that's out of your hands is a pain.
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